S-Tek Dynamometer Services offers a turnkey solution to any type of dynamometer cell, ranging from the simple outdoor tractor-dyno to high-end Research and development and production test cells.
Our dyno Technicians, along with our long-lasting network of external Engineering and services contacts, can handle any situation and provide many solutions to tailor a cell to your needs. With a
range of In-house developed products, software designed to meet your specifications and Decades of experience behind us....we will create your unique cell with your personal needs in mind.

Our services are including, but definitely not limited to:

Complete Dyno Repair/Overhauling:
Strip, assess and Full workshop report.Complete engineering/Manufacture or replace required parts back to manufacturer specs.Professional Balancing.Spin Test quality checks with reports after
rebuilds.Epoxy Water Brake Dyno bases/inners to extend lifetime.Re-wind Eddy Current Dyno coils (External).Repaint and re-sealed/boxed for shipping/collection.Maintenance schedule and basic
dyno use training included as required.

Dynamometer On-site Maintenance and Calibrations:
Basic/Scheduled Maintenance available as per manufacturer specs/customer needs.Full on-site calibration available for all phacets of S-Tek DAC systems. Torque Calibration Certificate provided,
traceable to SABS standards.Assistance with calibration on certain non-S-Tek DAC systems available as per request.

Turnkey Installation and Cell Construction advice:
Full consultation from project start to completion available. In-house Installation team available to install dyno and all services, including plumbing, air handling systems, electronics, electrics, "I.T" and
software integrationComplete cell design knowledge allows for Civils advice given prior to construction, ensuring efficient cell designExtensive network of external engineers available to handle all
requirements for cell design/construction

S-Tek Data acquisition and Control Systems:
Customer specific data acquisition systems available, with limitless upgrades/additions as per user requirements. Run off laptop/pc with reporting done through Microsoft Excel (Ease of use and Allows
for diverse printing/saving options) Our Basic Data capture system will provide real-time readouts of Torque, Speed, Power, Pressures, Temperatures and Time/date of logs. These will be transferred
to an Excel table with graphing capabilities as per customer requirementVery Simple-to-use interface allows any user to record dyno tests efficiently with minimal training.POSITION CONTROLLER
available for both Water Brake and Eddy Current Dynos. May be run through pc/laptop control, "Load/Unload" button control or "Potentiometer" position control. Other forms of control are possible
as per requirement. We have successfully replaced the Schenck Controller with our system to operate in position mode for stable testing.Engine Throttle controller is available with "Up-Down" control
from inside the cell/control room. The forward/reverse motion allows for any mechanical throttle engine to be controlled regardless of side of throttle lever.Software is designed completely in-house,
allowing us to completely support in person or via internet login (Teamviewer). One or more of our Technicians are always available to solve any issues that may arise.... be it software or hardware.
We carry spares for all our data capture/control components in case of emergency.A flash drive is given upon commission of our data capture, containing the latest calibration data, program version
and External drivers. The program does not require updates and is easily transferrable to another pc/laptop should anything happen to the current dyno pc/laptop.Our program is universal across all
windows versions. Customer reports will be specific to the version of Microsoft Excel installed on the current pc/laptop.

New and Refurbished Dyno Sales:
New dyno's are available for import from our direct line to leading international Dynamometer Manufacturers Worldwide. Customer specific requirements will decide what Dyno/Dyno's will suit their
needs, and full quotations will be requested on your behalf.We have built a substantial importing/shipping network, allowing us to import your Dyno safely and securely Ex-Factory to site.   We have
access to any make of Dynamometer and ancillaries Worldwide.S-Tek has a range of "Second-Hand" dynamometers (Engine and Tractor) that have been brought back to manufacturer specifications
for sale. These range in both KW rating and applications, so please feel free to contact us for our current range available. All models will come with a warranty on workmanship and Parts will carry
manufacturer guarantee.

Custom Software Design:
Software Solutions are available for endeavors outside of Dyno applications. Please feel free to speak to our design team for possibilities for your application.Should you have a dynamometer you wish
to sell or know of any for sale please contact us with the details.

The Team at S - Tek are always available to assist with any queries or repairs etc you may have, and are looking forward to hearing from
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