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Here is a free demo version of our DAC software. Feel free to download it and give it a try. You can contact us using the Contact page should you have any queries. To download our DAC demo, click on the download button on the right, or right click > Save target/link.
Please Read Below
When you install this software, your antivirus or windows may give errors. While we have done our best to circumvent any of these issues, we cannot predict every
possible unexpected outcome, due to the amount of antivirus software available. We will attempt to give you a general explanation below on how to install our
software, should you have any troubles doing so yourself. If attempting to install it yourself fails, and you cannot find a solution below, please contact us and let us

Windows Smartscreen
If you get a windows smartscreen message, follow the instructions below
Antivirus Issues
If your antivirus attempts to scan this file, let it finish scanning before you attempt to continue installation. Once the scan is finished, you shouldn't have any antivirus
issues loading the DAC Demo. Alternatively, attempt to run the program again after your antivirus has scanned it, as sometimes the antivirus will close the program.
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